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Paradisebirds Anna And Nelly Swordfighting 12

I would like to help my business partner and his son create a wordpress website. And receive training on how to use it. i want the following pages created. Home;...Omarosa Manigault Newman and her attorney are accusing "good Democrats" of blackface as they outline the background for her bombshell tape of President Donald Trump’s use of the N-word on a cellphone conversation. Their Monday release of a transcript of the private recording — which they say proves Trump is a racist — comes with the backdrop of a growing consensus among Democrats that the party must take a harder line on a president whom the majority of the country has never seen as racist. But the accusations against Democrats come from the political right. They include former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele and former Trump campaign adviser Sam Nunberg. Here's what they had to say in Monday's release. TRUMP'S SON-IN-LAW SAM TRUMP TRIES TO BLOCK OMAROSA'S BOOK PROMOTION Steele: Black Democrats "You've got to understand what these (former) black Democrat politicians are doing, that's why you don't have an African-American president," Steele said, adding, "I know it's ridiculous to hear a white man talk about race. But I know what it is to not be liked because you're black, or for whatever reason." Nunberg: The "bad" Democrats "The only people on that tape that are racist are Omarosa, the swamp, and the Democrats that are now blacking up," Nunberg said. "Because you didn't see her blackface. You didn't see her at the Golden Globes when she blacked up. You didn't see her at the Emmy's when she blacked up." "Donald Trump is not a racist," Nunberg added. "So when he says 'they' he's talking about the evil ones that are trying to bring him down. And that's what I meant by evil." Steele, a former lieutenant governor of Maryland, was fired from the RNC in 2010 after it was revealed that he had accused Barack Obama of a "monkey in the tree." Nunberg, the former Trump campaign adviser, has been called the "chief impeachment architect" by Trump's critics for his role in the president's decision to press Ukraine's president to launch an investigation of Democrat Joe Biden, who is the president's

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